Wood Floor Photo Gallery

In our wood floor photo gallery we have examples of custom wood flooring as well as photos of laminate hard wood floors. As you look through the photos, you will see examples of our inlaid wood floors as well as our custom designs, patterns, and finishes. You will find several examples of the species of woods and types of engineered flooring we've talked about, including some Bamboo flooring pictures.

But, more than just a brag book of some of our work, this photo gallery can be used to demonstrate many of the differences about hard wood floors we've discussed on these pages.

A good way to use the wood floor photo gallery is to study the pictures for the differences between species of woods and grades. Looking closely at the differences in grain and wood characteristics will help you determine if you would be happier with a maple hard wood floor or an oak hard wood floor.

Another way to use the wood floor photo gallery is to compare the sheens of finish. Maybe your personal tastes lean toward a floor with a satin finish instead of a high gloss. Maybe it's just the opposite. Study the photos for the different colors of stain and how that color looks on the various species of floors, but remember that hardwood flooring is a natural product. The way stain and finish is taken will vary slightly from board to board; the differences from one floor to the next can be slight, or maybe surprisingly different depending on a number of variables.

Engineered flooring will be more consistent in color between floors, but even these floors are a product of nature. Color variations do occur from one lot to the next, so don't be surprised if you order a given floor and find the color to be slightly different than what you saw in these pictures. The differences in the manufactured floor should be much less than what can occur in solid custom finished flooring.

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