All About Wood Engineered Flooring

Similar to a laminate floor, wood engineered flooring is not a solid product. It does, however, have one huge advantage. In an engineered wood floor, the top veneer that is laid over the plywood backing is a wood product. How is this different than a laminate hard wood floor? In a laminate hard wood floor that top layer is merely a photograph, which is why laminate flooring cannot be sanded.

Some believe engineered flooring wood has a distinct advantage over solid wood flooring. For example, solid oak flooring, as all types of solid wood flooring, is a natural product. The boards respond to their environment in a natural way. Heat and moisture, or the lack there of, can cause the floor to swell, shrink, move, buckle, or cup.

Wood engineered flooring counteracts this natural instability because it is layered in such a way that counteracts that natural twisting and/or movement of the wood. The top layer however is a natural wood product and therefore is a true representation of what that natural species looks like. Also, because it is a wood product it can, in some instances, be refinished if necessary. Because a laminate hard wood floor, is, in essence, a picture of a wood floor adhered to a plywood backing, it cannot be sanded.

Because it is more resistant to its environment, an engineered wood floor can be a good choice to put in a basement, over radiant heat or in a tropical climate where the higher moisture may be a concern when considering a solid floor. Does this mean moisture and temperature are not a concern with engineered flooring wood? No. it is still a wood floor and must be treated as such. It is more resistant, not completely resistant.

Engineered bamboo flooring is a very popular type of engineered wood floor. Because bamboo, which is actually classified as a grass, is thin the most practical way to make it a floor is to adhere it to the layered wood backing. The result is a beautiful, natural product that is engineered for stability and comes from a renewable source. The growth time for bamboo is significantly shorter than that of other species used for wood floors. Aside from being eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye, engineered bamboo flooring is durable and a choice that is growing in popularity daily.

Probably the most recognizable name in wood engineered flooring is Bruce. Bruce engineered flooring wood comes in many species and many installation options. They make glue down, nail down, and floating floors. They've also developed their own style of floating floor called a Lock and Fold floor which they tote to be the easiest floor for the do-it-yourselfer to install.

Even though they may have the most recognizable name in the engineered floor business Bruce is not the only one in the game. It never hurts to comparison shop, not only for price but for standards, product durability, and warranty. And even if you are looking to make an engineered wood floor a do-it-yourself project, when it comes to wood engineered flooring it never hurts to consult a flooring professional.

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