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The following is very important, so please read every word.

Thank you for visiting My name is Barry Davis and My business partner, Shaun Ellsworth, and I make "web sites that make you money."

We started out creating custom web sites for individual businesses that attract the search engines like magnets. Our sites are really successful, and many of our customers' sites show up on the first page of Google. This site currently gets over 1300 visits a month.

We discovered that many small business owners can't afford the price of one of our customized sites so we came up with an alternative.

Web Site to Advertise Your Business Online

One day, out of necessity, we came up with the idea that you see here - an industry specific web portal, similar to the custom sites we create for individual customers. The only difference is that this site doesn't belong to any one contractor. It can belong to many different contractors.

When you join our portal, you aren't just advertising, you are contributing to an already successful site where visitors are not advertised to, they are educated and convinced that everyone on our site is an elite professional - including you.

When you advertise with us, we don't just put a banner ad up that links to your web site (if you have one), we allow you to post a whole page with photos and whatever information you want to share. Your page will educate the visitor and convince them that you are a professional they want to buy from.


What You Get

  1. One full web page to introduce your company. You can say whatever you want on this page; your story, your specialties, your hours, the brands you carry, some customer testimonials, photos of successful jobs, etc.
  2. Search Engine Keyword Optimization. Our web sites rank high in the search engines because of how we create them. We use the terms that we know people are searching for online. We put your information where visitors will come across it easily.
  3. Improve your existing page ranking. If you have an existing site, a link from our site helps boost your ranking because Google loves incoming links from respected sites.
  4. Link from your page to your current web site (If you have one.)
  5. A listing in our national directory of experts. We will make the site searchable for visitors using either a graphical national listing device or a pulldown menu of national experts.


What Does This Internet Marketing System Cost?

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Pay month to month:
$19.97 per month

Pay 12 months at a time:
$197 per 12 month period. Saves you $42


What Do I Do Next?

Well, if you would like to create a web page on our site and get a lot of traffic and new business, just choose your payment plan below. Make sure and read our terms and conditions before you do. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Pay month to month:
$19.97 per month

Pay 12 months at a time:
$197 per 12 month period.
Saves you $42

When you make your selection and click one of the buttons above, you will be taken to our trusted credit card processor, to complete the transaction.

Next, you will be forwarded to a page where you will be asked for your contact information. This is so we can send you important messages regarding your pages and communicate with you. You will receive an email explaining the next steps. If you don't get the email within an hour of signing up, please contact us.

Please read the terms and conditions before starting service with us.

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