Bamboo Hard Wood Floor

In recent years, bamboo hard wood floor has become a popular choice. As a durable laminate floor that comes from a renewable source, bamboo is considered an ecologically sound product. The question is, however, is a bamboo floor right for you.

What exactly is a Bamboo Hard Wood Floor?

Bamboo floors are engineered from the cane, which is split, dried, and laminated to boards before being finished. It comes in planks and is installed like other laminate hardwoods (either nailed or glued to a subfloor, depending on the manufacturer).

Other laminate floors can come in a variety of stain colors, but not bamboo. Natural bamboo flooring has a very blonde color and carbonized bamboo flooring has an amber tone. Though the color choices are limited, the durability is not. Bamboo flooring quality is high and it will hold up to normal wear and tear.

How to Lay Bamboo Flooring

Like installing any laminate hard wood floor, bamboo floors are best installed by following the manufacture's instructions. Though in theory, all nail down floors will be similar, and likewise for glue down floors, the slight differences in each manufacture's process will call for slight variances in the installation.

Follow the directions provided by the manufacture to the letter to avoid nullifying the warranty on the product. Better yet, consider having a flooring specialist install the floor for you.How do I care for my bamboo floor?

Cleaning a bamboo floor is the same as cleaning laminate wood floors. Any water soluble cleaning solution that is free from ammonia, bleach, or wax, applied with a damp mop, is good. You can make one at home by adding a 1⁄4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water. Should you decide to turn the store shelves, you should read the product labels.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is a good commercial cleaner when used with their mop because it is PH neutral and will not dull or compromise the finish of your bamboo hard wood floor.It can't be stressed enough; when cleaning laminate wood floors never use a product with ammonia, bleach or wax.

Bamboo Flooring Pro and Cons

A bamboo hard wood floor is a durable and stable floor. It comes prefinished and is installed in the same way other laminates are. Bamboo, which is actually a grass, is considered a renewable source. The ability to replace itself in three to five years (versus 150 years for the average oak) makes it an ecological sound choice. Cleaning laminate wood flooring is the same as solid wood floors with a urethane finish.

There are some cons involved with a bamboo hard wood floor. Some environmental agencies question the true renewability of the product citing that demand for the flooring has the grass being harvested faster than it can replenish itself. In addition, forests are being knocked down to plant more bamboo fields.Also, because it is an engineered laminate floor, it is subject to a manufacture's warranty. When exploring bamboo flooring, always remember to take the floors warranty into consideration.

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