Wood Floor vs Laminate

When comparing a solid wood floor vs laminate floor, there are many things to consider. Let's compare the pros and cons of laminate vs. wood flooring.

Job cost, product durability, cleaning, maintenance, and time available for the project are the main issues when looking at solid hard wood floor vs laminate floor.

Solid hardwood flooring is the real thing. It is custom finished on the job site, can be stained almost any color you would want, and the finish is extremely durable. If you try to compare cost, you have to remember to put them on an even scale. Because solid hardwood flooring is custom finished, the job is labor intensive and the cost of wood flooring is sometimes more than a laminate.

Cost is something everyone will consider when deciding between wood floor vs laminate floor. However, when you look at it long-term, solid hardwood flooring requires only minimal maintenance and can truly last a lifetime. Also, remember solid hardwood flooring will increase the value of your home in a way that no other floor covering will.

A solid wood floor is just what the name implies. The product is one hundred percent hard wood. Your first instinct is probably that solid means an oak hard wood floor, because it is the most popular species, but your options are much wider than that.

Maple hard wood floors aren't only for gymnasiums; they can make a durable kitchen floor as well. Maybe hickory wood floors or birch wood floors would better compliment your home. You will be surprised by just how many choices you have.

When installing hardwood flooring you should be aware of the available various thicknesses, widths, and grades, as well as which woods will best suit your lifestyle based on how hard they are.

Laminate hard wood floors are an engineered floor. The boards are compiled of natural wood pulp and it comes prefinished. The floors are available in a variety of colors and often can replicate the grain-designs of many of the most popular species. With proper care, they can be a durable long-lasting floor.

An attractive feature of Laminate hard wood floors is the fact it comes prefinished. Depending on the type you purchase, they can be either glued down or nailed in, but because they don't have to be custom finished, the time involved is much shorter. A shorter project length with less intense labor can mean laminate flooring costs less initially, but many laminate floors can not be sanded. If something happens to damage boards down the road, repairs could be costly.

If initial cost and the length of time are critical factors for you, laminate hard wood floors might be an answer. If value over the long term, increased value in your home, and a durable floor that is hypoallergenic are your main concerns, then solid hardwood flooring is going to be your best choice.

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