Picking Flooring Manufacturers

The number of manufactures of engineered hardwood flooring is as wide and varied as your options when it comes to solid wood flooring. There are several flooring manufacturers whether you are looking for a nail down or a glue in. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a bamboo Bamtex flooring, Pergo wood laminate floor, or the supplier of a solid wood floor, you will have many choices to sift through.

Shaw is a single manufacturer that can give you a lot of options. A Shaw hard wood floor could be a sold prefinished floor, but they also sell a wide variety of engineered flooring. They also come in a variety of colors and have as many floors that are economically priced as they do higher valued and crafted.

Bruce is probably the most recognized name in prefinished flooring. Bruce engineered flooring wood also comes in a variety of colors. Best known for their "lock and fold" system, the tongue and groove of each board interlocks. It is a glueless laminate flooring, that isn't nailed down either. Bruce is a subset of Armstrong wood floors, and aside from being a recognizable name, has a reputable company standing behind the flooring. Another gluless floor from this company is the Armstrong swiftlock laminate flooring.

Another company with a click together floor is Witex. Their product is called TimberLoc. A Witex wood floor is a high quality laminate floor that, unlike many others, can actually be refinished up to three times.

One of the best known suppliers of solid wood floors is Carlisle. Carlisle wood floors are finely crafted and the company has been around for a good number of years making customer satisfaction a priority. Carlisle takes the craft of hardwood flooring all the way to the source, harvesting the wood from their carefully managed forest. Stewards to the environment, they manage their private plantation to make sure trees are being replenished.

A company that is well known for both their solid wood flooring and their engineered flooring is Barlinek. Barlinek wood floors come from Poland and the company, like Carlisle, manages their own forests. They also sell a full line of everything you would possibly need to properly install your Barkiet (engineered) floor.

If trying to choose between flooring manufactures has you confused, here are a few pointers.

Price: While cost isn't always an indication of quality; if you stumble across a product that is well below average wood flooring prices ask yourself why. Sure, it is possible you have stumbled across a good deal, maybe the retailer has decided to no longer carry the product, but more often there will be a quality factor involved.

Warranty: A good way to tell if you are getting a quality floor is to see if the flooring manufacturer stands behind the product. A quality floor from a trusted manufacturer will have a good warranty.

Referrals: Another good way to test a flooring manufacturer's reputation is to ask your friends, neighbors, and business associates about their experiences with the product. Your local flooring professional may be able to put you in contact with past customers and I'm sure they will have opinions on the product as well.

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