Custom Residential Flooring

Whether it's custom residential flooring or commercial specialty flooring you're looking for, the answer can be found with a crafted hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors, whether they are solid or engineered and no matter the species are as durable as they are beautiful. Solid wood floors installed in your home or place of business are crafted, custom finished, and an investment that will, without a doubt, increase the value of your property.

The beauty of custom wood floors goes beyond the species of wood, the color of stain, and the sheen of finish you choose. What makes your floor custom residential flooring is the many choices available to you in the form of inlays, medallions and patterns.

Red oak hardwood flooring could be laid on the diagonal and encased with a boarder consisting of six boards of Brazilian cherry wood flooring. Perhaps you would like corners of your room accented with a wood floor inlay of a particular shape, color, or species. Your flooring specialist can also help chose from a near endless supply of precut and fabricated medallions that are on the market today or they can work with you or your interior designed to craft something from scratch.

You flooring specialist will more often than not be willing to sit down with you in your home to discuss all of your options when you are considering custom residential flooring. He will be able to tell you, based on the design and arrangement of your home and what you tell him about your lifestyle what type of hardwood flooring products should be used on your job as well as explain to you the installation and finishing process. He will also be able to discuss floor care and maintenance with you as well as the flooring costs.

Remember the people who install and finish your floors are craftsmen, and more than just a floor they are giving you a custom crafted floor that is durable, an investment, and a thing of beauty.

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