Choosing Custom Wood Floors

Whether you're talking about custom wood floors or the latest in engineered wood floors or laminate hard wood floors, this web site will help you differentiate between the choices available to you. Continue reading to understand the differences in the following categories of hardwood floors.

When comparing types of wood floor, hardness is something to think about. Remember softer woods are more prone to dents, scratches, and gouges.

Hard Wood Floors

Brazilian walnut wood floors rank the highest on the Janka scale (the most recognized comparison scale that rates woods on their hardness and density). Other common woods that fall on the harder end of the scale are maple hardwood flooring, hickory, and white oak.

When talking about custom wood floors, many consider oak flooring the standard to judge all other woods by because for the longest time it was the most popular or the hardwood floorings. While both varieties will give you a durable floor, it should be noted that white oak is, in fact, harder than red oak.

Soft wood Floors

Most varieties of pine are considered soft woods. Though they are more susceptible to dents, scratches, and gouges, with proper care and maintenance, they can be a durable, long-lasting floor.

Exotic Wood Flooring

The term exotic wood flooring often refers to such species as Australian cypress, Brazilian walnut wood floors, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian chestnut, purpleheart, and santos mahogany wood floors. They are referred to as such because they come from the rain forest and were once considered rare and unusual floor choices.

Recent years have seen them growing in popularity. They are extremely durable (most of them falling at the harder side of the Janka scale) and are beautiful custom wood floors when finished.

Aside from the above solid flooring options, there is an engineered floor worth examining and we should also take an overall look at laminate hard wood floors, since they are a popular flooring choice.

Bamboo Hard Wood Floor

Bamboo is actually a grass, but many of the most common manufactures are now carrying engineered bamboo hard wood floors. The top layer of these floors is made of thin strips of bamboo which are adhered to a plywood or wood product backing and then finished with a durable (most often urethane) finish. They are durable, easy to clean, and are being toted as eco-friendly. Bamboo, because it can replace itself in as little as five years is being hailed as a renewable product. Some, however, argue those claims saying the current supply is being over harvested to meet the demand needs.

The main advantage engineered flooring has over laminates is their ability to be refinished. Lower initial cost is also an advantage shared by engineered floors such as bamboo hard wood floors and laminates.

Laminate Hard Wood Floor

When comparing a solid wood floor vs laminate flooring, there are two issues that most often come up. One is cost. Because the flooring comes prefinished, installation is less labor intensive and many find they are able to install it themselves. (Though, consulting a flooring specialist is always recommended)

The lower bottom line may be an attractive feature to a laminate floor, but it should be noted they can not be refinished. While they are a considered a durable floor, they really fall short of the mark set by solid custom wood floors.

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